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GETTING READY FOR THE MIDTERM ELECTION:  Your TCA member donations will help us advocate for Texas cotton's top concerns! It is imperative that we support Texas law makers to help prioritize agricultural policy issues. Incumbents in close races that understand agriculture need our support ahead of the midterm November 8, 2022 election! And most certainly, we need dollars backing our Texas cotton industry well after the election to support office holder expense for those that work to keep agriculture number one in our state! The midterm elections will define the future of Texas and Texas agriculture. Key office midterm contests in Texas include the race for Governor, Attorney General, Lt. Governor, Ag Commissioner, Land Commissioner, Comptroller and one of three seats on the Railroad Commission. Voters will also elect officials for congressional and legislative offices, the State Board of Education and judicial seats. If you vote in Texas, early voting starts October 24, 2022 and ends on November 4, 2022. There are major rule changes in Texas since 2020. You can no longer vote by mail without an excuse. You can vote in person before Election Day through early voting only. You can now track the status of your ballot. You are now required to present a valid ID or cast a provisional ballot until you can provide a valid ID to your voters registrar's office.

WHAT WE DO TO HELP ELECT COTTON SUPPORTERS:  In partnership with the Texas Ag Council (TAC), over sixty agricultural groups meet with legislators in and out of session to gain and offer perspectives regarding Texas agriculture priorities in the state. During the session we hold a a luncheon on the capitol grounds for legislators and have a special day dedicated to Texas Cotton - "Cotton Day at the Capitol" where we visit all offices and hand out to each lawmaker 100% cotton towel sets, beautifully embroidered with the seal of Texas. This day is an encore for Texas Cotton at the Capitol and certainly allows our voice to be heard and remembered.  The Texas Cotton Association is a member of TAC, a legislative watchdog group, that meets once a week during session to ensure we are on top of any potentially damaging legislation to agriculture as a whole. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP:  TCA established a Political Action Committee in 1974 registered with the Secretary of the State of Texas and the Texas Ethics Commission in Austin to accept personal checks or cash (no corporate checks are allowedfrom members of the solicitable class, defined as members of this association, their employees and family members. Your contribution will help! It will be combined with other member contributions for maximum effectiveness.  Please make your checks payable to "The Texas Cotton Association Cotton Merchants Fund" and mail the completed form and check to this Association or visit the PAC solicitation desk at our meetings. Contributors to the PAC Fund will be recognized at the 2022 Flow Meeting and the 112th Annual Convention of The Texas Cotton Association with a name badge PAC contributor ribbon to wear to all functions. 

Please help us support those who are our cotton voice in Austin! The PAC invites all TCA members and their employees and families, to support cotton’s supporters in Austin, by contributing to The Texas Cotton Association Cotton Merchants Fund today! Please act now!