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TCA PAC 2024 Annual Fundraiser Donor Pay Link

TCA President, Beau Stephenson, encourages all TCA members to donate dollars for The Texas Cotton Association Merchants Fund Annual Fundraiser! These dollars are expensed to benefit lawmakers and government officials in TEXAS that will protect our interests as we routinely face political challenges affecting our TEXAS COTTON commodity. We specifically maximize these dollars to protect and serve the cotton merchant and members that facilitate the transportation of Texas cotton over the road, the railways and at the port. We advocate on behalf of TCA members in our state legislature while they are in session and during the interim. The moratorium for contributions to our state legislators ended on June 18, 2023. At this time, The Texas Cotton Association Merchants PAC is able to make expenditures to lawmakers that will work on our behalf to keep TEXAS COTTON a priority in our state. It is imperative that we be able to utilize your dollars to continue to educate and influence. Because of the dwindling number of government leadership that understand agriculture and the uptick of new lawmakers in Texas that do not understand agriculture, we must be present to communicate the 7 billion dollar economic impact that TEXAS COTTON provides the state's economy and prevent any detrimental legislation. We must have a well-funded political action committee to support our key priorities among state legislators. We respectfully urge you to contribute! We need a minimum of $5,000 in order to maintain our current level of support. Won't you please consider a contribution today? Please encourage others within your firm to give! Let's partner by pooling our dollars to keep TEXAS COTTON competitive and politically strong!

Step up and support our TCA PAC Fundraiser! Click the link or scan the QR code below! Thank you for your consideration!

*The Texas Ethics Commission requires that funds be made with personal cards or checks. Corporate donations are not allowed. This solicitation is for personal donations from MEMBERS ONLY and / or their family members and does not include the solicitation of the non-member class prohibited by laws governing the Texas Ethics Commission.*