Look who's presenting...!
GENERAL SESSION!...On Friday, during the General Session, TCA President, Gary ChesnuttCEO of Chesnutt Cotton Co., Lubbock, Texas, will preside and will give the President’s address to members. TCA President electDavid Edwards, of ECOM U.S.A. Inc., Dallas, TX., will conduct introductions. We will hear from industry experts, Wallace L. DarneilleCEO of Plains Cotton Cooperative Association, Lubbock, TX and recently elected Chairman of  the National Cotton Council, Memphis, TN., as well as Gary AdamsVice President of Economics and Policy Analysis of the National Cotton Council, Memphis, TN. Sid Miller, candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, will also address our General Session. Representing ACSA and bringing us up to date on ACSA activities will be Eduardo (Eddy) Esteve, ACSA President, and CEO of ECOM U.S.A., Dallas.