Transportation Strategic Planning BLOG

Transportation Strategic Planning BLOG

  1. President Rick Stone has re-authorized the continued work of the Transportation Strategic Planning Committee as clearly defined below. Please participate in the blog so that the cotton industry as a whole in Texas can perfect the flow of our cotton by maintaining an "on-going and inclusive dialogue that drives problem recognition, solution development, and implementation". 

    BACKGROUND:  President David Edwards, appointed a Transportation Strategic Planning Committee (TSPC), a small task force comprised of a diverse group of warehousemen and merchants with significant and long-term commitments in Texas, to meet and identify main issues facing the Texas cotton transportation and overall industry flow. The special committee met weekly for over a month prior to the Flow/Marketing Meeting held in Lubbock on September 11 & 12, 2014. Members of the TSPC included Chairman, Michael Symonanis of Allenberg Cotton Co., Cordova, Tn., Liz Chandler, Chairman of the TCA Standing Committee - Compresses, Warehouses & Transportation, Alan Underwood & Ray Haggard of Underwood Cotton Co, Lubbock, Jay Cowart of PCCA, Altus, Ok., Brett Underwood of Trinity Co., Lubbock, Tx., Mike Nettles of Farmers Coop Compress, Lubbock, Tx., David Fields of Gulf Compress, Corpus Christi, Tx., and Mike McBain of R & T Truck & Laredo Cotton Transfer of Lubbock and Laredo.

    TSPC Chairman, Michael Symonanis, presented a working report to the TCA board of directors on September 11, 2014, and was accompanied by Liz Chandler, Ray Haggard, Mike McBain, and David Fields. President Edwards charged the committee to continue their work. TSPC Committee members requested that the TCA provide a vehicle to include a broader industry/stakeholders on feedback and perspectives to the Committee after the Flow Meeting. The TSPC Committee desires an on-going and inclusive dialogue that drives problem recognition, solution development, and implementation. In order for the industry to function at optimal levels given global competition, the TCA is resolved to creating a culture of continuous improvement in flow management and supports the desire of the TSPC.

    The text of the working report of the TSPC is provided for your reference. We have provided this BLOG on our website to encourage dialogue and invite all industry to participate. Comments are public on our website. Initial comment period will end December 31, 2014.

    Transportation Strategic Planning Committee - WORKING REPORT