Look who's presenting...!
On Thursday, April 18, at 9:00 a.m., Dianne Yardon, of Commodity Operations, and Logistics Coordinator for ICE Futures U.S., Inc., will address an Open Session for members and others at the conclusion of the Compressess, Warehouses and Transportation Meeting. 

On Thursday, the Port of Corpus Christi will provide a special tour guide on the Bay Cruise. We will announce the name soon!

On Friday, during the General Session, TCA President, Cliff White of Omnicotton, Inc., Plano, TX., will preside and provide an address to members. President elect, Gary Chesnutt of Chesnutt Cotton Co., Lubbock, TX., will conduct introductions. We will hear from industry expert, Gerald Marshall, former President of ACSA and owner of The Yiyang Company, Memphis, Tn. Ricky Clarke, current ACSA President, of Cargill Cotton, Memphis, Tn., will also be bringing an update on ACSA activities. Ruben Medina, Director of Business Development for the Port of Corpus Christi will provide an update regarding the alternative logistics of moving cotton in carriers over water.